we bought a scotty!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Oh happy day! Our long time dream of owning a vintage camper came true last weekend! What we thought would be a laid-back weekend, turned into a seven hour road trip to purchase a '68 Serro Scotty!

We are over the moon for this new adventure. The sights, tastes, and memories that await us make me giddy!

This little gem needs loved on a bit before we take her out on the open road and I intend to share each step along the way with you. #scottywego

Hello APRIL!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April has returned and so have I!

For those of you who don't know, I recently partnered with a friend and opened a salon + spa, Kindred. It's been quite a whirlwind but oh so fun. A dream come true.  I promise to post pictures soon!

Naturally, the house and blog have been placed on the back burner. But, now that I have a week of ownership under my belt, I'm feeling much more relaxed and ready to work towards a happy balance.

Starting this weekend - the mister and I are doing some spring clean up and improving outside! Ever since we found this house, I've dreamt of many alfresco meals in our petite city yard and we're so close to that becoming a reality. (Sigh) I can already smell the hamburgers cooking on the grill and hear the birds joining in on our dinner conversation.

Cheers to all the loveliness that comes with SPRING!!

[download Oana Befort's lovely April desktop calendar]

Bonjour, February

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy February! Wishing you warmer days with heaps of love this month. [Designed by Oana Befort. Download HERE.] 


Thursday, January 30, 2014

I feel most alive when I'm writing + creating with my hands.

When perfectionism isn't the goal.

But when embracing the moment and doing what feels natural is.

And then d o u b t creeps in and enslaves me.

Convincing me that my efforts aren't good enough.

And I willingly shift to the passenger seat, releasing the wheel to that oppressive five letter word.

Deterring me from writing, creating, and living wild + free.

Stripping away my happiness and paralyzing my dreams.

It's kin to my insecurities and reluctant silence.

Therefore, I intend to unfriend it.

Take back the wheel.

And in turn, become

b r a v e .

Because I fear that one day I'll look back on my life and see that I always played it safe.

Because I ought to speak when I have something to say + create when I'm inspired.

Because I desire to embrace the soul He so gracefully formed in me.

Because I have this one precious life. And I want to soar.

[cue Sara Bareilles]

Kitchen Remodel (Stage One)

Monday, January 6, 2014

  We decided on a vintage french country style for this one hundred year old kitchen.   
  Cabinets were removed to create space.
  Every square inch was painted. Along with new hardware.
  Stainless appliances replaced the old ones in addition to a SMEG refrigerator.
  The laminate countertop was replaced with white Carrera Marble.
  A white porcelain farm sink was installed and paired with an antique brass faucet.
  Subway tile was hung above the sink and marble.
  A shelf unit was built to complete the "slide-in-range" look.
                                                                        And an old prepping station was repurposed into an island.  
  There's still much to be done, but we're very happy with the progress made. 

to be continued...

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