Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Road Trip!

In honor of family, friends, and the holiday, we are going on a road trip! 

I have a slight obsession with owning a vw bus one day. I realize the oddity; however, I can't help but dream about decorating the inside of one like below...
Not to mention the comfort and space it would provide on a road trip. We could actually bring Leo along for the ride. Even stop on the way for tea time.

It just makes me so happy :)

Yet, our road trip this weekend will involve many hours in my coop. It's got the look, but not the space. Sorry, Leo. Maybe someday you can stick your sweet furry head out the back of a darling bus and have your doggy daydreams on the couch as we cruise. For now, I will enjoy the confines of the coop as it will only make our marriage stronger. 

Our first stop will be to Sweet Home Alabama to see my parents. Then up to the beautiful state of Tennessee (I'm a little partial having been born there) to spend the 4th with friends! I better get packing, not much fits in the back of the coop especially with the golf clubs joining us. ;) Otherwise, I might look like this (above) as I have a habit of overpacking. 

And a few more for the sake of being hopeful...

Me someday....


  1. lol I love it! Can I come too once you have the VW? :)


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