Wednesday, June 1, 2011

{Year One}

Last April we bought our first home. Nestled in a quiet, family friendly neighborhood just 20 minutes from the city. (Indianapolis, that is). We searched for monthS for the perfect 1st home and turned out finding one we could see ourselves creating many years of memories in. But just like any home, it needed some work. Mainly esthetically but that's what makes a house a home, after all.
So here's what we started with.  The blue door was the first thing that HAD TO GO. And if you look below we also had those lovely brass light fixtures which made me cringe.

I painted the door and sidelights black. Neutral but makes the rest of the house pop. And we added black lights and brushed nickel hardware as well.

Then came the landscaping...

Goodbye, ugly jungle-like bushes.

Hello, pretty, low-maintenance boxwoods!

And here is where we are as of last week! Finally we got ourselves some curb appeal action going on and we're feeling pretty good about it. Many hours of hard work paid off.

Curb Appeal mission complete.

I didn't have any "before" shots of our backyard, but trust me, it definitely wasn't eye candy.
Once again, many overgrown hideous bushes removed. I started my own flower/herb garden. Pictures to come once they bloom. And we now have ourselves a simple, but enjoyable outdoor living space. My favorite place to be these days.

We feel extremely blessed to call this our home and really enjoy making it our own.


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