Thursday, July 14, 2011

Road Trip {Recap}

The road trip was quite the success. Lots of much needed R&R involved. So much so that it took me almost a week to muster up the energy to unpack. I know, pathetic. Living out of a suitcase isn't all that bad... until laundry day arrives.

Alabama was hot & humid, but very relaxing. Great visit with my parents and grandpa. Our time involved watching movies in the dark cottage with the surround sound and big screen (if you know my dad, this won't surprise you a bit), eating southern delicacies (bbq, peach cobbler, krispy kreme donuts, and the like..."When in Alabama..."), drinking grandpa's amazing peach smoothies and eating his famous breakfast, driving around the camp via golf cart, great conversations, just an all around good time.

Mom & Dad (old pic) -  Forgot to take one on the trip... FAIL.

Pop making peach smoothies.

Hubs enjoying his 2nd round.

So good. I need to invest in a Vitamix 5000 now.

Lake view of Rolling Hills Conference Center.

Nashville on the 4th was short but sweet.  DaNae and I spent the afternoon on the golf course with Caleb and Josh feeling a bit like trophy wives. Nine holes in boredom set in. So we left them to their game and found ourselves at the Mall/Starbucks. We ate dinner downtown and had the perfect view of fireworks from atop the ICON building. Played a few rounds of which I definitely need to improve my skills for a rematch in the near future. (Nae, we will win the bet next time. Josh, the "Rights" will make a comeback.) The next morning we ate breakfast at the infamous Pancake Pantry. Then said our goodbyes to two amazing people and friends, and sadly back on the road again. 


Eventually we convinced them that we should have our own cart.

On our way to dinner.

Thank you, to all involved, for a wonderful weekend! We love you & miss you already!

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  1. A family that travels together stays together:)


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