Friday, June 29, 2012

let's stay in and build a fort

As a little girl, I spent many summer weeks at my grandparents'. On those blistering hot days, my cousins, siblings, and I would search the house high and low for as many blankets and sheets as we could find. Dragging furniture, collecting pillows, all in preparation of building the most fabulous fort in the basement. We would remain under there for hours playing games, watching movies, and eating Nan's  food — in perfect grandma fashion, she always had the best.

These balmy temps have me wanting to bring the fun indoors this weekend and put those 6 year old skills to use again... 

source unknown

source unknown

Perhaps a bit more chic — resembling 'The Holiday' ...

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So dreamy, you may have to persuade me to leave.

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  1. I'll build a fort...but only for two. :)


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