Thursday, June 21, 2012

tour the city: tea buds brewing co.

Next time you find yourself in Carmel, strolling down Main Street, you should meander into Tea Buds Brewing Co. If you're a tea lover,  you'll enter into a dreamland. They offer a fine selection of loose teas. But if you're on the fence, bubble tea is sure to win you over! What is bubble tea, you ask? Well, first you choose your tea base: green, black or red. Next, you choose your flavor(s) — of which they have a wide assortment from blueberry, acai, vanilla, coconut, etc. And you can blend them! Then the fun part: choose your bubbles — tapioca pearls, aloe jellies, and strawberry popping boba, to name a few. You drink the tea through a wide straw and the bubbles pop in your mouth, adding a burst of flavor as you sip! 

We both had blackberry-vanilla. One with yogurt popping boba [L] and the other tapioca pearls [R]

Tea Time just reached a new level of F U N!

Check out Tea Buds' website and twitter

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  1. My kids have mooched off of their free perfectly sweet and refreshing raspberry tea out on the sidewalk quite a bit, so it's about time we get inside and pay for something. ;) I had bubble tea all the time at the cafes I frequented when I was living in China a decade ago. Loved it. So fun that there's a source so close to home now.

  2. Oh Darcy, I can only imagine how wonderful the bubble tea tastes in China!

  3. My mouth is watering! I'm convinced! :-) I love the tins all lined up!


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