Wednesday, June 6, 2012

vintage dishes

I am a lover of VINTAGE. On any given day your chances of spotting me in an antique store or thrift shop of any kind are quite promising. In fact, it's painful for me to pass a store without going in, if only for a moment. I suppose some might call this an illness. I, however, call it opportunity. I'm always on the hunt for that diamond in the rough. Hoping to leave with treasure in a mere chest of...well, "junk". As someone who's trying to simplify her life, I'm learning how to balance it all without becoming a hoarder - - referring to the last quote in the simple beauty post. By getting rid of humdrum objects and replacing them with ones that I really like, my home is slowly becoming a reflection of me.
 In a newer home, without a lick of character in its bones, I still see character all around me. There's something pleasing in our dwelling being filled with little finds that are sooo me. Yes, I'm aware that I keep saying, "me, me me", when there's clearly another person in my home. Lucky for me, Caleb has developed a liking for vintage too. Or at least he tells me so.
 I tend to gravitate toward the dishes first. I delight in old dining pieces. The settings, conversations, and stories they possess pull me right in. Therefore, I've begun to replace the plain old "everybody has these" pieces with older pretty ones. Soon I will photograph them but until then, here are a few photos that inspire me...

I'm very fond of walking in a home and seeing the personalities displayed all around of the ones who dwell there.

                   I'd love to know what makes your home sooo you? 

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  1. Not much of my home really screams me because I didn't choose most of it, but I really like your blog. You have a really entertaining writing style.

    -The Anon Blogger

  2. Do you go for complete vintage sets of something, or do you prefer to mismatch old pieces? We like personal, meaningful touches in our decor, too. One of my favorite spots in our main area of the house is in the photographs for this blog post: The piano keys are from our antique upright grand which Craig hollowed out as a place for my keyboard. The clock is from a boutique in Broad Ripple. I still have some things I want to add to the arrangement, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying these beginning elements. :)

  3. Darcy, I prefer to mismatch. It's more fun for me to have all different designs on the table! I love how you've salvaged those memories with the keys and clock. thank you for sharing!

  4. Your "mom-in-love" and I were chatting today about the fun of antiquing and she said for sure you prefer to mismatch and that you'd even done so with your silverware. I have a friend who does that with tea cups and it's a beautiful picture of personality when a diverse group of ladies are gathered around sipping and chatting.

  5. Christie- There is a place in Princeton, IL that you would freak out over! It's a HUGE basement FULL of dishes. I basically fainted when I saw it.

  6. Thank you, Lindsey! It is now on my list of places to visit!!


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