Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Who I Am

. . .

I have olive skin and hazel eyes.

I am the youngest of three.

I'm married to the man who had my heart at 15.

He won me with that adorable chin and guitar in his hand.

We are restoring a '68 Serro Scotty and plan on traveling to the E+W coast next year.

We don't have kids yet, but we enjoy spoiling our nieces + nephews. 

We rescued a puppy and named him Leo.

We dwell in downtown Indianapolis. 

I am an owner and hairstylist at Kindred.

I was born in Tennessee - with still a lot of southern girl at my core.

I never ever watch scary movies.

I'm a DJ wannabe.

I delight in hair, fashion, interior design, and photography.

I'm told I can be a bit feisty. 

My workouts consist of the barre and hot yoga. 

Our home is a hodgepodge of some new and a lot of old. 

I have a slight obsession with vespas and french caf├ęs. 

I love the midwest for reasons like Fall. 

I'm kind of a hippie. 

I strive to live without fear. 

Experiencing true heartache has given me a new perspective on life. 

I'm blessed to have honest and real friendships that carry life's joys and sorrows .

My desire for this blog is to be true to myself and connect with inspiring people along the way.

Above all, I desire to please God with the passions + talents he's given me. 

There will always be room to grow.

. . .


  1. I love this idea! Also, I want to own an airstream too and travel the states.

    1. Leanne, that's hilarious! Happy to know I'm not the only hippie girl out there! :) I have seen some awesome renovations done to vintage fun!

  2. Think this is my first time on your blog and I'm liking this intro post - I can relate to a lot of it! And scary movies... eugh! Going to go for a bit of a look-around now... p.s we're building our nest too!

    1. Amy, welcome! Hope you enjoyed your look around. I'm about to head over to yours and meander around as well! Keep in touch. :) Christie

  3. Just found your blog from the Influence linkup. I love that we're all so different (I'm the least stylish person ever) but we have Christ in common! Well, I'm gluen-free as well so you and I have that in common, too...


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