Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Golden Birthday Goals update

Remember this...

1. As you may have seen through Twiggy, I've succeeded in at least using my camera.  Over the few months I feel as though my photography skills have improved! Twiggy Avenue has quickly become a favorite hobby of mine and I'm so thankful to those who've invested their time and energy into it.

2.  Due to a three week detox, I found it to be a no brainer trying five new recipes. None of which I care to share as they are über healthy and quite boring. If I remember one to be noteworthy, I'll be sure to share.

3. FAIL. But this I'm okay with. I chose to focus more on yoga and ballet bar workouts, which I happen to enjoy much more than a monotonous jog.

4. Let's just say I believe much improvement has been made thanks to the three week detox. These weren't exactly "bad habits", but I've developed better habits of eating healthy, exercising, and taking better care of myself overall. (Quarter life crisis, perhaps? ha!)

5. Check. I painted our half bath on the main level!  Although, I feel as though I was slightly tricked into it. (You know who you are.) Nonetheless, I'm pleased to scratch on more thing off the list.

The point of it all was to enter my golden year with great stride. I'm happy to say that I feel a sense of accomplishment checking off this list. And I'm ready to take on the next five. (to be continued...)


  1. Happy birthday! And glad you got to reach most of your goals, running would also been unachieved had I made any resolutions!


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