Sunday, February 10, 2013

divine friendship

One week from now, I will have had one on one time with each of my long-time dearest girlfriends. This is a pretty big deal considering they all live in different cities. It started out with a breakfast in Carmel, to a girls' night in Indy, and ends with a very special reunion in North Carolina.

I am reminded this week of the beautiful friendships God has blessed me with for so many years. And incredibly thankful for the special bond I have with each one. 

We've witnessed the other transform from girl to woman. We've experienced some of life's greatest joys and deepest sorrows together. At times our paths have gone in different directions but we always find our way back together, picking up right where we left off.

I think the best part of what I have with each of these women is the freedom to be completely honest and know that love, grace, and support will always be reciprocated. What a beautiful thing. I imagine the Father smiling down on us as we laugh, cry, share, and embrace. Here's to a week filled with all that and more!

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