Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday for me was...

Emotional. Starting off with the official closing on 11171. Bittersweet. Saying goodbye to our first home was much harder than I anticipated.  Handing the keys over to a young couple with a dog made it sweeter, though. It helps knowing how excited they are with this being their first home as well.

After closing, we received the official offer acceptance on a house! Squeal! It's happening, for real ya'll. We're buying a house in the city! It's old, charming and full of possibilities. A dream, really. Once we go through the inspection process, we'll know just how dreamy or abandoned this 110 year old home truly is. Either way, we're basking in the blessing of this process and hopeful of what will potentially be home for us.

A little peak for you...

And saying goodbye to our first... You've been good to us, 11171.

Here's to the start of a new chapter!

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