Tuesday, July 2, 2013

city dwellers: the beginning!

Our first days consisted of exterior clean up.  From washing windows, siding, and sidewalks to cleaning out flower beds and trimming bushes and trees. This long time vacant home finally looks like it's loved again.

At the top of the interior list was ripping out carpet and sanding 113 year old original hardwood floors. Whew! This was far from a breezy task . However, the results were better than expected. My husband and father-in-law did a remarkable job! 

the BEFORE + AFTER comparison

After spending an entire day cleaning the house from ceiling to floor, it was time to start moving in! I thought this day would never come and yet, here we are. Our first week of owning 640 has been extremely busy and so much FUN! And now I could use a loooong bubble bath. 

A million THANK YOUs to our family and friends who helped us get to this point. The hard work and time you have given to us and this home means more to us than you know.  We love you and are thankful beyond words!

The view from our driveway. We are officially city dwellers!

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