Wednesday, July 10, 2013

city dwellers: week one

Today marks ONE WEEK since we started sleeping at the new{old} house.

We've filled up the first week with numerous house projects, a Fourth of July gathering with friends and neighbors, and walking everywhere (to dinner, the hardware store, market, etc.). It's truly been everything we imagined it to be and more.

But, don't be fooled...there's quite a drastic difference between a 15 year young house and a 113 year old house. The charm is everywhere you look. BUT, then you have things like mice greeting you in the kitchen, lack of hot water, accidental injuries, and a leak here and there. Not so charming.

Yet, with each completed project, each neighbor/friend that stops by, and each box that gets unpacked, this old house is transforming into our home. And that makes it all worth it.


Our FIRST Saturday morning 

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