Thursday, September 12, 2013

City Dwellers :: Two Months

It's been two months since we moved to the city.

And it has brought multiple changes.  Many good. Some not so good.  My heart strings have certainly been stretched and twisted in unusual ways the last two months.

Let's start with the good, shall we!

From day one, our home has become quite the gathering place, which makes me smile from ear to ear. Upon moving in, I prayed this home would be filled with community.  And the Lord has more than exceeded my desires. We absolutely love when our house is filled with friends & family.

Being within walking distance to everything has been great fun! We're constantly walking to restaurants, the farmers market, the hardware store, and to various events. There's always something going on and we embrace the energy that surrounds us everyday.

...and the not so good...

In just two months we've experienced rough things like several expensive power tools stolen, two bikes stolen, and a few other incidents. Within one week, we filed two police reports. (sigh) I think we've been pegged as the newbies. And I'd be lying if I said I handled it super swell. Nope. I cried. I had trouble sleeping. And I jumped at the slightest of sounds.

Then, the other day, these words were divinely spoken into me ... "Christie, you and Caleb are right where you're supposed to be. The enemy wants you to be hostile and blind to the needy. Don't let your hearts harden." And suddenly... peace restored. I realized that what we've experienced are direct attacks from the enemy. Satan wants nothing more than for us to be unhappy here. He wants our hearts to be closed off and minds to be fearful. I'm calling it what it is. Evil. And I'm staking our claim in this city. Get behind us, Satan.

Moving forward, my prayer is that the Lord will impart in me a heart of grace and mercy when I've been wronged by a stranger. I know I have to be more cautious here; but, it doesn't mean I should allow hate or fear to reside in me.


  1. These are my favorite posts! Thanks for being honest. :) You are sooo right - we HAVE to let the tough stuff build a compassion in our souls...These people you are surrounded by ALL need one thing. Maybe God plans to use you to deliver it to them!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement, Victoria! I couldn't agree more.

  3. Christie, How touching this is and helpful. It is easy to forget what we are here for especially when times are rough. Gayle Winstead, Neil's grandmother.


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