Sunday, November 24, 2013

the girl behind the smile

I turn twenty-six tomorrow. My golden year passed by all too quickly. This makes me both happy and sad. This year turned into more than I ever imagined. I experienced things I never thought I would. Cried like I never have before. Hoped more than I ever thought necessary. Dreamed bigger. Simplified more. Searched my heart deeper.

In twenty-six years, I've learned a lot about the girl behind the smile... She

is naturally introverted, but uninhibited within the company of those she trusts.

finds great joy in hosting friends and family.

battles insecurities daily.

functions best with at least eight hours of sleep.

is picky about a cup of joe.

needs solitude to re-energize.

is sensitive.

doesn't give up easily.

is goal oriented.

is creative.

doesn't always manage her time wisely.

wears her heart on her sleeve.

holds strong to her faith and beliefs.

But most of all, I've learned that who I am is His. And that in His eyes, I am enough.  
I decided not to make goals for this next year with the desire to allow openness for whatever the Lord brings our way. 


  1. Enjoy your birthday!!!! These words are perfect! Thanks for sharing what you've learned and who you are. It's beautiful!

    1. Thank you, sweet friend! Hope you have a wonderful Holiday season!

  2. I truly need to just spend an afternoon in your presence. Your words hit so close to my own heart and I'm 34. Thank you for sharing from YOUR heart.

    1. Emmary, we need to schedule a lunch somewhere between our homes. :) Would love to sip coffee with you!


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