Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tips for Oily Skin

Hello again, dear readers! I’m excited to be sharing with you something I’ve recently been experimenting with in my own beauty and skin care routine. 
As a girl that tends to constantly be fighting the oily skin battle, I’ve learned an important trick to balance keeping my skin hydrated, while combating the ever-present shine that (so frustrating!) never seems to go away.   
It’s very important to keep skin moisturized in order to keep it youthful and fresh.  All skin types need to stay hydrated, but I find oily skinned girls tend to avoid moisturizer for fear of making it worse.  
Oily skin tends to be dehydrated but not “dry”.  The difference is just the top layer of skin hasn’t been moisturized, and therefore your body continues to produce more oil to over compensate.   
Using a moisturizer for dehydrated skin is a great way to get ahead of the game, keep your skin looking fresh and combat the oily skin nightmare.   


In my personal experience, it took me about 2-3 weeks of constant moisturizing (under my makeup and primer which I never did in the past, as well as before bed) before I noticed my skin looking clearer and staying consistently matte throughout the day with less shine and oil.    Stay hydrated!

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