Thursday, January 30, 2014


I feel most alive when I'm writing + creating with my hands.

When perfectionism isn't the goal.

But when embracing the moment and doing what feels natural is.

And then d o u b t creeps in and enslaves me.

Convincing me that my efforts aren't good enough.

And I willingly shift to the passenger seat, releasing the wheel to that oppressive five letter word.

Deterring me from writing, creating, and living wild + free.

Stripping away my happiness and paralyzing my dreams.

It's kin to my insecurities and reluctant silence.

Therefore, I intend to unfriend it.

Take back the wheel.

And in turn, become

b r a v e .

Because I fear that one day I'll look back on my life and see that I always played it safe.

Because I ought to speak when I have something to say + create when I'm inspired.

Because I desire to embrace the soul He so gracefully formed in me.

Because I have this one precious life. And I want to soar.

[cue Sara Bareilles]


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