Monday, December 29, 2014

The Flower Fairy

I have this flower fairy friend. 

I call her whenever I need some natural beauty sprinkled in my life. 

Jacki Johnston and her darling business, Ohhvnlyday, have certainly made this world a prettier place. 

She waves her little wand and creates the most beautiful floral arrangements.
My very favorite are her flower crowns.

There's this magical princess feeling that happens when you put them on. 

And you can't help but spread your arms and twirl. 

If I could wear one every day, I would.
Wait until you see them on your little loves

The sweetest thing you ever did see.

For your next party, photo shoot, or gloomy day - phone Ohhvnlyday.

Flower crown c/o Ohhvnlyday
Polka Dot Skirt c/o Lily & Sparrow Boutique
Photography c/o Violet Short

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