Monday, January 26, 2015

Oils in January

I love Januaries. Despite the bitter cold and gloomy days, I love the new beginning this month brings.  Specifically, I'm using this new year as a chance to get my health in order again. After a year of directing most of my focus on the new salon, I'm finally finding the time and energy to direct some focus back to my health and wellbeing!

I'm not as keen on the negative feeling "breaking habits" brings, but instead thinking of it as "creating new {better} habits". And since we could all use the accountability from time to time, I thought it best to just put mine out there over the next month.

At the top of my list is the habit of using oils daily.  Whether it be to support my health, emotional wellbeing, or sleep routine; I find that oils make me feel better. I've seen and experienced impressive changes in both the mister and I over the last few months due to the goodness of these little bottles.

Two of my favorite oils at the moment are Grapefruit and Purification.

I add the Grapefruit to my water and find that the refreshing taste helps me drink more. As we all know, a hydrated body is key to our health. I aim to drink at least 64 ounces a day. And the grapefruit taste makes it a lot easier to achieve.

Purification is our best friend during the winter months. With the house all closed up, I diffuse it throughout the house to purify our air.

What new and better habits are you wanting to develop in 2015? If using oils is among your list, I would love to help you begin your oil journey!


  1. Hello, Christie. I love these two oils too! I use grapefruit in my water every evening. I have always been a fan of drinking more water, but these oils have enhanced it. I am also detoxifying with lemon, and grapefruit. It feels wonderful! I love diffusing Purification as well. I like to diffuse it with Thieves to rid the house of germs even more, and so far, my household has been flu free. I do feel the oils have helped my overall health and happiness. These little bottles make me excited about health and wellness, they are versatile, and they actually work with warding off pain, and sickness. I love the aromatherapy side of it too, the scents toggle a part of our minds and it releases good things, or helps me focus. I am excited to expand my oily knowledge. Thanks for posting! This is a great oily combo.

    -Courtney Biggs from Barefoot in Blue Jeans blog.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Courtney!! Love meeting other lovely blogger who have found great results from oils! <3


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